Polychromatic Pixels.

TekniKulay is a mashed up word (to describe such a phenomenon loosely) that combines Tekni (liberally taken from the English word Technicolor™) and the Filipino word for color itself which is Kulay. In a world filled with pop culture references here and there, the existence of such an offshoot word merely extend the ideas and concepts of things like multi-color and imbibes it with a certain brand of word play that even crosses language barriers. Such dynamics are to be found inside this website … hence the name. And it may also imply that the multi-colored part is very true … in as much as being multi-faceted or multi-layered is among the key ideas involved. Having put these aside, let me welcome you to our website.

TekniKulay.com is the realization of many years worth of tears, frustration, caffeinated oblivion, hectic pace, glacial developments, l o n g h o u r s, bitter setbacks and glorious triumphs. It is always a work in progress. It will never cease to shift nor cease to change nor stop adapting as long as the proverbial idea mill keeps on turning. Mainly because this website is the home of TekniKulay Graphic Design Studio, an entity comprised of fun and fresh (and several other snazzy words to go along with that) freelance graphic artists and web designers. They specialize in a very wide spectrum of creative solutions ranging from web design, graphics and multimedia development and even up to end-to-end business solutions. In short, this is a group that has what it takes to deliver a job well done. We collaborate closely with you to plan, build and deploy creative and dynamic results to empower your business. So now here is where the “multi-colored” aspect of our sensibilities start to shine. That’s why we are more than just happy to wear our ideas on our sleeves.

So what will it be? A red pill™ or a blue pill™? In any case it will still be colored. And the great part is that all it takes is just one click.